Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Mode:

Individuals are getting busier than expected quite often with their Professional life and have to juggle a lot to strike the perfect work-life. Their location may also cause hindrance in attending a classroom based training session. To ensure this is well mitigated, SkillMetrix provides the entire training & certification program online led by a Live Instructor enabling an environment to deliver uncompromised services to all their clients who opt for this mode of delivery.

Below is the Training Calendar encompassing the Entire Year for all training and certification programs planned online with live instructors:

List of Training Calendar for Open-House Program

Note to be Mentioned:

Dates mentioned above in the calendar are subject to change and SkillMetrix holds all the rights to make necessary changes in the schedule. Please do speak to our Sales Representative before you pay for any training program as per the schedules mentioned above or click here for posting an enquiry with SkillMetrix