Classroom Training

Classroom Mode:

Classroom Training is the traditional way of Learning and has more importance in the Indian Culture of Education and Learning. SkillMetrix understands the individual’s curiosity of appearing the training program in a traditional classroom mode and having engaged in a face 2 face interactions with Trainer and Co-Participants. SkillMetrix currently organizes such comprehensive Open-House classroom programs only in India and soon will launch them in the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Philippines and many other locations.

Below is the Training Calendar for the Entire Year across multiple locations in India for various training & certification programs

List of Training Calendar for Open-House Program

Note to be Mentioned:

**Dates mentioned above in the calendar are subject to change and SkillMetrix holds all the rights to make necessary changes in the schedule. Please do speak to our Sales Representative before you pay for any training program as per the schedules mentioned above or click here for posting an enquiry with SkillMetrix.