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ITIL training and certification for it service management

ITIL Training and Certification for IT Service Management | Skillmetrix

Managing IT service in an organization is a daunting task, regardless of the size of the company. complexity of IT system, or the requirement of the IT Service. IT Service Management in practice has so many factors and aspects that affect the success of IT Management in a company. Therefore, a standard is needed to guide organization of how to successfully manage their IT operations and services. The ITIL is made to deliver that kind of standard in IT service, because there was no single IT management practice to be found during that time, while the dependence on IT is growing bigger and bigger.

ITIL is the industry standard for practice of IT Service Management. It once became BS 1500, BS Stands for British Standard, an industry standard regulated for Britain. Afterward, it become international standard when International Standard Organization adopted the BS1500 into ISO/IEC20000 as IT Service Management Standard. The adoption is made due to he higher reliance and dependence of business in IT, therefore increasing risk in IT management. Learn more about the fundamental of ITIL in the course of ITIL 2011 Foundation Course. The Beginning and ITIL Journey

ITIL began in 1980’s when the reliance and dependency of company to IT was increasing. In respond to that growing dependency of IT, CCTA or Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, a UK government body developed a set of recommendation, which later to be developed into a set of best practices, for UK’s government agencies to manage IT and the service related to IT. ITIL was aimed to standardize the the IT practices in government agencies and also private sectors.

The basic premise of ITIL is based on a quality management process model, developed by W. Edwards Deming, the one who introduced the concept to Japanese corporations in 1950’s. The process model was adopted into Japanese industry culture and become the key to Japanese industrial success in the 1970’s.

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