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ITIL Certified Professionals

ITIL Certified Professionals

Why Project Managers should try to become ITIL Certified Professionals? | Skillmetrix

There is a proverb,” A herd of sheep led by a Lion can easily defeat a pack of lions led by a sheep.” This statement reiterates the fact that the leader in charge of a group should have the capability to mix both the management skills with that of technical knowledge before they can take any decision. Circumstances with challenges will be aplenty in a project and ITIL Certifications can be one of the best complements to their Project Management Skills.

In recent times, every modification or new design of a service can be termed as a project in Organizations. Usually a Project will have a start date and an approximated or deadline date. An ITIL certification can help a Project Manager on making strategies of formulating, designing, and the improvements that a service has to undergo during a project and for successful completion of the project.

Usually projects will have internal and external vendors for supply of the necessary hardware. ITIL training assists the concerned staff to competently have good relations with the vendor regarding agreements and support. Although there are theories which are abound with Project Managers taking the last decision according to the knowledge of Process Experts or Subject Matter Experts, the truth is that they cannot rely on the opinion of the qualified persons alone, because they have to research on giving their judgments. On the other hand, a Project Manager in the respective fields such as Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement can have different valuable insights in times of challenge and can call the shots thus favoring a better outcome of the project.

ITIL can be a better option for many Project Managers, because in emergencies they can take up positions which are centered in Project Management. If a key person such as Transition Manager is absent in a meeting, they can compensate for his/her absence. The most important factors that ITIL training can give are:

    • Importance of Change Management
    • Ability to handle problems, events and incidents
    • Define levels of Service
    • Maintain a catalog of all services in terms of the business
    • Preparation or modification of an IT infrastructure which will be adept during changes or in times of problems
    • Emphasize on proper establishment and management of processes for preventing unauthorized access and maintenance of strict discipline

Though a project may involve different departments and they will use various terminologies, a Project Manager with ITIL training or ITIL certification can draw a plan to use a common terminology as per the guidelines of ITIL. This plan will serve as the best platform to progress to a proper way of work environment that can be adapted across departments.

These are only few of the benefits or reasons why a Project Manager should get ITIL certified.

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